Ballin on a budget?

If the words ‘tight ass tuesday’ and ‘2 for 1 Friday’ get you excited, chances are you’re a cash stricken student. There is no shame in this! You can still have your organics and eat them too!

In fact, food cooperatives are the cheaper alternative to buying groceries including organic fruits and veg. Because of their cooperative nature, the price of the products are not marked up as a result of excess transport, packaging and wages costs. Cooperatives do not aim to make profit, therefore what you pay is the cost price. Unlike supermarket giants who mark up their products significantly, food cooperatives are able to offer you the best price possible! On average, a box of fruit and vegetables at a food cooperative will be at least 15% cheaper than the equivalent at a commercial supermarket. 

If you thought buying organic fruits and vegetables was expensive, think again! Check out your local food cooperative and I think you will find that the prices are fair less than you’ve been paying at a supermarket. You can also feel great about helping out your local community and the environment too!


UNSW STUDENTS: Head down to UNSW’s own food co-operative Thoughtful Foods! Sign up for fresh weekly fruits & vegetables for extremely reasonable prices!

Mixed boxes of fruit and vegetables for $20, $40 or $60.
Boxes of only fruit or vegetables available in $10 or $20 sizes.
Check out their page here for more details.

Food Co-ops - Cheap & Chic!

Food Co-ops – Cheap & Chic!


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